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Frank McGuigan

Frank McGuigan lives in Columbus, Mississippi. Frank began painting as a hobby in 1991 while working in a furniture plant. In 1994 he began painting full time. He paints every day in his home studio and says it never feels like work! It is important to him to keep his painting honest-or true to his own artistic vision and direction. He begins each painting n what he describes as an "instinctive way" without fully knowing how the picture will develop or turn out. He feels like they sometimes paint themselves. 

McGuigan characterizes his watercolor paintings as not having a "real hard realism". He likes to paint pictures with a dream-like quality. Musicians, nature and sometimes even themes from myths are favored subjects. Frank is known for his fantastic usage of clear, intense colors ranging from blood red, cobalt blue, lavender, to lime green. Despite the busyness of Frank's paintings, the balance of colors and forms lend a curious tranquility and unity. 


McGuigan's vibrant and often whimsical watercolors have been widely exhibited and are owned by numerous private collectors. Currently, works by Frank can be viewed in galleries in Minerva in Starkville, MS;  Oxford, MS; Vicksburg, MS; and Tuscaloosa, AL. 

Below are examples of Frank McGuigan's watercolor work. Visit Minerva to see current pieces on display.